Nordic Sake Festival Copenhagen

Nordic Sake Festival is a non-profit festival driven by volunteers and pure passion.

The only sake festival in Scandinavia

The Nordic Sake Festival is the first and only sake festival in Scandinavia.
This is not a wine fair – it's a festival, a matsuri where we celebrate all alcoholic beverages from Japan and the rest of the Europe. Sake is in the lead role, but Japanese whisky, rum, gin, beer and shochu also have an important part to play and this year also Japanese food and domestic delikatesses.

This is the 9th time we host the Nordic Sake Festival and again this year, we have hired the beautiful and historic venue Kosmopol in the center of Copenhagen where festival guests can experience the atmosphere from Tokyo's sake bars in the heart of Copenhagen.

You can taste sake from a number of international producers and match it with delicious, Japanese food from the food stalls. Likewise, visitors can experience a concert with traditional taiko drums, maybe learn Japanese drinking games or two and listen to lectures by, among others, sake expert Henrik Ando Levinsen, professor of gastrophysics Ole G. Mouritsen and Marcus Consolini, who own the famous Daimon brewery in Osaka. In addition to tasting sake, visitors can of course also buy bottles to take home at particularly advantageous prices festival prices.
If you have children with you on the city tour, their thirst can be quenched with colorful Japanese soft drinks.


the pure drink

Sake is not just sake

Sake is Japanese rice wine with an alcohol percentage between approx. 8-20%. It is rapidly gaining in popularity and can gradually be found on the menu in trendy bars in e.g. Copenhagen, London, New York - and of course Tokyo. Most sake can be served both hot and cold, but both in Japan and here at home they are increasingly enjoyed chilled. Perfect for the warm summer temperatures.

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Talk By Henrik Ando Levinsen

Saturday 13 of may at 13.00 h.

The modern take on sake

Carl-Joachim from IlÊ Four

Meet a genuine Sake samurai

Åke Nordgren

meet Daimon Brewery

Livestream at 12.30 on Saturday

Soto sake

Premium Junmai 180 ml 

Learn how to cook, have fun, eat delicious food!

ようこそ! Welcome to Emi Suzuki


Special thanks to our main sponsor FSG FOODS

  FSG Foods is the main sponsor of the Nordic Sake Festival Copenhagen. As the largest single supplier to Denmark's sushi restaurants, FSG Foods has, for a number of years, helped to drive sake's popularity among Danes.

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